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Employee Experience Tool for High-Performing Companies

Use real-time analytics to understand your company's pain points and learn what can be done to create a better overall experience at your company.

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Employee Experience platform

Improve Your Employee Experience

Employee Net Promoter Score

Calculate your eNPS right on Slack with our easy-to-implement serivice.

Real-Time Insights

As soon as the eNPS slack notification goes live you'll have data and insights about your company.

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eNPS Platform for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Invest in your company's employee experience with our employee net promoter score tool that's native on Slack.

Slack-Based Kudos Bot

Use our Kudos bot to send out rewards and recognition to employees via Slack.

Employee Recognition Tool

Give shout outs in a virtual "public" setting, and increase your company's eNPS in doing so.

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Improve Employee Retention

Are employee insights tool is used by some of the best companies in tech.

People Analytics Simplified

WFHomie tracks the quality and type of internal communication to assess how your employees are truly feeling.

Find Pain Points With Ease

We're able to find departmental pain points to help address them in order to improve employee retention.

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Top Employee Recognition Tool

Why Use WFHomie?

Use our people analytics dashboard to gain insights about your team.
Real-Time Data
The second that answers come in, you'll be able to have real-time data about your team.
Improve eNPS
Focus on improving your employee net promoter score to create a better employee experience.
Increase Advocacy
Have employees advocate for your company. Helping with recruiting, retention, and more.
Collect Feedback
Use our Slack Bot to collect quantified feedback from employees, that will help your team.
Improve Retention
Blend analytics with our Kudos recognition tool to create an engaged workforce.
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Learn how to manage and engage remote teams on our blog.

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