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Hi, we’re Pavla and Reza, co-founders and Chief Homies at WFHomie! We were sick of how hard it was to bond with our teammates since going remote. So we started WFHomie!
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We’re fighting fatigue and helping teams build meaningful relationships to stay happy, healthy, productive and engaged.

After speaking with countless HR, Employee Experience, People and Culture Leaders, Team Managers, and team members themselves, we put together a carefully curated offering of 100+ virtual events that people actually want. These remote team building activities range from free interactive games (socials solved!) to premium virtual experiences, which include event kits as well as gourmet food and drink delivery.

We automate the planning and execution of health and wellness workshops, social events, and learning and development programs. We put onboarding, swag, care package, meal credits and rewards delivery on autopilot.
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Our Homies

We’re based in Toronto, CA and operate globally 🌎
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