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Stupendous Virtual Icebreaker Activities for Video Conference Platforms

During the pandemic, Zoom was the tool we needed, not the tool we wanted. It’s fair to say that lots of businesses, schools, and lives would’ve been worse off without zoom. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s beyond reproach and needs to stay lame and tedious.

Quick Virtual Icebreakers don’t have to be just for new teams. It can be very beneficial to touch base with everyone during remote team huddles after long absences like vacations.

Distributed Team Managers need to use some creative thinking to make their team excited about Zoom again. At WFHomie, we got you covered. Here is our handy infographic describing free zoom ice breaker games. There is nothing like icebreakers for zoom meetings to boost employee morale.

We want to be your number one source for virtual get to know you games. Whether your icebreaker virtual meeting is for only WFH employees or hybrid teams. Each team member working remotely will benefit from the team bonding resulting from these great icebreakers.

You can turn up the bass on your startup team building activities and fun virtual event ideas with WFHomie Virtual Events.

Below you will find virtual ice breaker games for adults that will:

  • Aid in your company’s team and culture building initiatives and contribute to the quality of the peer-to-peer relationships at your company overall.
  • Prevent employee churn by boosting employee morale and making your company a fun place to work.
  • Help your team advance their critical and abstract thinking skills by posing novel problems and scenarios as described in these virtual icebreaker games for work.

No matter what video conference software your team uses, you should put thought into using its unique features to your advantage. Here is an example of an icebreaker that capitalizes on Zoom’s Breakout Rooms feature to amplify startup team building activities.

Let’s hop on a zoom call and break the ice!

Remote Team Ice Breakers

Millionaire Dollar Madness

This hypothetical scenario is similar to the plot of Brewster’s Millions, a classic 80’s comedy. Tell your team that they need to figure out creative ways to spend a million dollars a day for thirty days or lose it all. Seperate your team into small groups and put them into breakout rooms and give them 30 minutes to come up with a three day spending plan (the whole thirty days would be time consuming).

The hard part is that their plan needs to be interesting, creative, and feasible. Give them extra points if they grow the money they spend such as by flipping houses or buying stocks. They then share their findings with the whole group.

Not only is this a fun team building activity, it will also give you a chance to know how your team thinks of their conception of entrepreneurism, and how well they approach novel problems. The zoom icebreaker games in this article are unique, but we like to think this among the best of the bunch!

Desert Island

Another breakout room optimized zoom icebreaker. Put your group into breakout rooms, and tell each member to think of one item they would bring to a desert island and have each breakout room to agree to a list of five rules for the island and select a system of government, e.g monarchy, democracy. These can be as simple as “ no garbage on the beach”.

This will encourage your team to learn to work together and come up with solutions for new and challenging crises. This is an immensely valuable set of skills for a team to have in business. This icebreaker activity will also allow remote office management to suss out the leaders among your distributed teams.

There are more quick team building activities for adults below!

5 Virtual Icebreaker Activities That Don’t Suck (Tried & Tested)We’ve done a lot of games and activities working remotely, and we know what’s amazing and what's cheesy.

Virtual Events

Escape rooms!

The granddaddy of all team building activities! I know what you are thinking, “...but that can’t be done remotely.” That’s where you’re wrong kiddo. Virtual Escape Rooms are the go-to for distributed teams looking for fun, hassle-free, and economical team building experiences.

At WFhomie, we handle all the details and planning and connect you with a virtual event host. They’ll free you and your team from unnecessary headaches, so you and your team can have a good time.

WFHomie doesn’t just offer premium escape rooms, we offer virtual murder mysteries and musical bingo.

Virtual Artisanal Experiences

Virtual events should suit your workplace culture. All distributed workforces are different and their virtual team building events should reflect that uniqueness.

Some distributed teams are more mature, more serious, would rather grow and destress than play games. That’s okay! Escape rooms aren’t for everyone.

At WFHomie, we understand this. We offer one of a kind, high-class experiences that are tactile, sensual and artful. These events are just fun and done, these events have something substantial to offer. We have floral design classes, soap making classes, and terrarium building workshops, and many more arts and craft classes for adults.  

Cooking Classes

If events like virtual candle making workshops are not practical enough for your team’s taste, WFHomie still has you covered. This is the chance for your team to get to know each other and themselves by exploring their tastes in gourmet fare in an elegant online learning environment. We offer exclusive cooking classes with expert hosts such as our Italian Tiramisu Class and Charcuterie Board Masterclass as well as unique drinking experiences like Bubble Tea Masterclass.

Ice breaker activities for virtual meetings

Regardless of the platform your team uses to collaborate, you deserve top notch ice breakers! We at WFHomie have you covered.

As some of you well know, Google Meet is Google Suite’s answer to Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Google Meet is the souped up version of its older sibling, Google Hangouts. It's new, mature and well suited to professional distributed teams.

Here is our WFHomie exclusive Google Meet Teambuilding Icebreaker Template

Try not to laugh challenge

They’re a billion “Try not to laugh” Youtube videos and plenty of accompanying reaction videos. Youtube reactions existed before the pandemic but became a massive online trend in 2020. They’re a fantastic easy, zero cost ice breaker for remote teams.

Like all great ideas, it's simple. The host of the meeting can share their screen and play one of these videos and everyone watches, enjoys and tries not to laugh. It is probably wise to screen the video for anything NSFW.

Here is an example of a clean but funny video you can use for this icebreaker.

Pro tip: record the session so everyone can see their reaction later. You can use screenshots of everyone’s happy faces for recruiting purposes.

Movie Pitch Wars

Give each participant two random actors and a random premise to make them come up with a 2 minute movie pitch. 10 minutes of prep will give hilarious results.For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meryl Streep open an Ice Cream Parlour. Perfect for remote team huddles! This will test your team's quick thinking skills and sales acumen while adding a bit of fun to team building sessions.

A quick freeware tool to make the random choices easier is Picker Wheel. It is a free diy game show wheel with endless possibilities for creative team building and employee morale boosters.

Short Virtual Icebreakers for Microsoft Teams

Here is our WFHomie exclusive Microsoft Teams Teambuilding Icebreaker Template

Image and Me

Have your participants scour the internet before the meeting for an image they feel represents them. It could be a meme, a landscape shot, or even a photo from their own lives. These images will be shared during the microsoft teams meeting.

By essentializing who they are down to one image, it will show you how that individual conceives of the world and their place in it. Important things to know about a person.


Memes are the best opportunity to open for marketing and advertising since television. They’re fun, quick and are a sure fire way to stop itchy scrolling thumbs in their tracks. Why not create branded memes together as a team! Not only does this icebreaker contribute to great team building, it doubles as a content brainstorming session.

Here is a free meme generator to get you started!

Pro tip: each participant chooses a particular meme, so there is a variety of memes to choose from for marketing purposes.

Watch a movie together!

There is a reason that for decades going to the movies was, pardon the pun, the premiere social experience. It’s exciting, enchanting, and entertaining to gather in the dark with your closest buds. Even having a movie marathon at home with a bag of microwave popcorn can make some lasting memories.

You could cue up the perfect movie and share your screen with your team using Microsoft Teams. There are lots of other options for you and your distributed workforce to go to the movies.

You can do this remotely with online apps that allow distributed teams to stream and enjoy movies together. A good freeware example is Gaze for remote teams on a budget.

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