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The Definitive List of Virtual Holiday Party Ideas and Games

Planning a holiday Christmas party is always a hassle and time consuming. Time, energy, and resources team managers could be putting into outstanding projects during the biggest shopping season of the year is being put towards something as silly as a holiday party.

This is made all the more difficult by the sluggish COVID recovery. We know and you know that your distributed team still expects a great virtual office christmas party, but we got you covered with some truly awesome virtual office Christmas party ideas. Keep workplace holiday traditions alive with WFHomie!

Virtual Santa Claus Experience

What better way to tell your team that work/life balance is more than just a buzzword than by giving them and their families a visit with Santa. Time to prove that distributed workplaces can be just as family oriented as the office.

With this virtual holiday event, your team and their little ones will get a live, interactive, one on one sitdown with the big man himself. This is an essential addition to any virtual christmas party. Even St.Nick sees the benefits of working from home!

Gingerbread House Competition

At WFHomie, it's all fun and reindeer games this holiday season with our shiny, new virtual Christmas party games. Under our Christmas tree of holiday-themed team building events is our Gingerbread House Contest.

Each team member gets a gingerbread kit with cookies and goodies to build their own awesome gingerbread house. Our expert judge will choose the best of the gingerbread real estate and pick the gingerbread house contest winners! Cheaters will be put on the naughty list!  

Exquisite Wine Tasting

We imagine most of your virtual Christmas party ideas involve booze, but why not something a little more fancy? The flow of smooth, rich wine has a unique way of connecting and bringing people closer together.

Your team will be delighted to receive a couple of bottles of great wine delivered to their door and enchanted by the expertise of an SMS certified sommelier as they give a virtual tasting guide and insider's view on the intimate world of wines. This virtual event will give a splash of elegance (possibly a splash of wine) to your virtual Christmas party.

Bubble Tea Masterclass

Do you want to do something different to add to your sleigh of virtual office holiday party ideas? We got two words for you. Boba.Tea. Bubble Tea is super trendy right now, and you and your team can get to know about the latest drink craze.

We’ll connect you to our boba boss, Jeannie, who will help your team learn the bubble tea basics and get a chance to taste a few, great flavours! Our Bubble Tea Masterclass is a hit with remote teams at Google! A delivery kit is included!

Mixology Masterclass

Anyone up for a virtual happy hour? Some wobbly pops are always a staple of office holiday parties, and they can still be for distributed and remote teams. Our expert mixologists will teach you how to craft delicious and banging cocktails for you and your team.

There won’t only be an open bar at a virtual holiday office party, you’ll be tending it! Splash a little booze into your cocktail of virtual christmas party ideas with WFHomie!

Virtual Secret Santa

Here is a freebie on us. Why not have a secret santa for your distributed team this holiday season. Gift exchanges are a classic!  A lot each participant $20 to spend on Amazon or another reputable online retailer to buy a randomly selected colleague a gift.

You guys can get together on a Zoom call and open your presents together once all your presents arrive. It is a relatively hassle-free way to show employee appreciation this Christmas.

But, it would be difficult to distribute these gift cards quickly and easily. Luckily, WFHomie has the solution with our new Kudos Bot.

Peer-to-peer recognition has never been easier with our new slack bot.

Let us handle all your holiday party madness!

Escape Rooms

This is one of our most popular virtual Christmas party games. Just like a regular escape room, except the entire team can participate no matter where they live. In our varied escape room experiences, including hidden spells and cursed skulls, your team must solve riddles and puzzles before time runs out.

In all the breathless excitement, your team will learn so much about each other and they will become closer as a team.

Virtual Murder Mystery

WFHomie is offering little (imaginary) bloodshed to add a splash of seasonal menace to your virtual Christmas festivities. If you want dramatic plots to be in your stocking this year then you’ve come to the right place.

Your team can connect with to our experienced detective who will host and take care of every clue (and every detail) of your murder mystery, so that you can let loose and experience a bit of interactive intrigue. It is a fantastic way of teambuilding in distributed workplaces.. We handled the hassle, so all you have to do is be ready to solve a case!

Coffee Brewing Class

We know coffee is your rocket fuel! It certainly is a WFHomie! Our host will take you on a deep dive into what really makes a great cup of coffee, the science and the art. We’ll walk you  through various techniques to brew a great cup o’ joe.

Coffee, wonderful coffee, can make innovation and creativity hit the stratosphere . That’s why we offer our virtual event platform that is perfect for large groups of distributed team members. They’re certain to blast off employee morale and business outcomes.

This will be the best cup of coffee you’ll ever have because you’ll make it as a team.

Charcuterie Board Class

The appetizers can be part of the decor at your next virtual holiday party. Our expert host will teach you how to make eye-catching, mouth watering charcuterie boards. These are more than cheese boards as they filled scrumptious selections of meat, cheese and other tasty tidbits. Your team will receive DIY cheese board kits with all of the supplies you need.

Christmas will come early and taste great. Our host will give step by step instructions on how to build an elegant charcuterie board and then a guided tasting followed by a quick lesson in taking insta-worthy pics of your creation. Cheese and clout go great together by the way.

Candlemaking Workshop

With snow piling up outside, this virtual team building activity is a tactile, learning experience that will give your employees the opportunity to learn a new skill and have a handmade gift that they can enjoy or give to a loved one.

Your team will be taught how to make soy wax candles by an expert and receive a candle making kit box. They’ll also learn about aromatherapy. Your team could cherish their creation themselves or gift it during the holidays. Give your team the gift of light and warmth and add something truly special to your virtual christmas party ideas.

Chocolate Making 101

Ever want to know how to make chocolate? Now’s your chance! You’ll learn to make dozens of chocolatey treats including Truffles and Chocolate Lollipop with an online session hosted by an expert chocolate maker and with our DIY Chocolate Making Kit.

Only the best ingredients for our clients, including pure Belgian-certified chocolate and other premium ingredients customized to be suited to many different dietary restrictions. What goes better together than Chocolate and Christmas? We don’t know either.

Let us add some Christmas cheer to your remote team!

Christmas Sweater Making

Have always wanted to learn to knit? But you kept putting it off? A couple unfinished youtube tutorials? We get it. That’s why we created our new Christmas Sweater Making Event. Only basic skills are needed for this beginners knitting workshop.

In this three-part workshop, you’ll learn the jersey stitch, how to create the body and the sleeves, how to assemble the components and all the know-how to create a basic sweater, so you can snuggle up and enjoy the season in comfort!

Christmas Felt Ornament Making

A little arts and crafts might just be the thing to get your distributed team in the holiday spirit. Join us on Zoom to create some really cute felt ornaments. They’d be perfect Christmas decorations for a christmas tree or a home office, or you can gift them. There are two patterns for this beginner needle felting workshop. One is a snowy landscape with pine trees, and the other is a jaunty owl with a toque! An artisanal and creative addition to your virtual holiday party.

Chocolate Tasting Experience

Our chocolatier host will walk you through a whirlwind of chocolate deliciousness, an educational as well as an indulgent exercise. You’ll learn about chocolate-making from the bean to the box to your taste buds.

Want to add some booze to the mix? We have beer and wine pairings available for your choosing. WFHomie gives you the options to customize your own kit and experience for a fun and memorable experience. Become a chocolate connoisseur today!

Virtual Brownie Bake off

Bring out your inner Cake Boss by participating in this ‘Great British Bake-Off ‘ inspired virtual team building activity. These beginners virtual baking parties are loads of laughs and loads of fun.

A DIY-kit shipped to each participant with all the dry goods they’ll need to start making a mess and start making memories. Let your team get some of their Christmas baking out of the way during your virtual holiday party. Trust us, they’ll thank you!

Christmas will be here soon. Book your Demo today!

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