eNPS Tool for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Calculate your company's eNPS right on Slack

Invest in your company's employee experience with our employee net promoter score tool that's native on Slack.

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The go-to employee experience tool for remote and hybrid teams

We've been helping companies throughout the globe adopt and scale their remote employee engagement efforts. Our new eNPS tool will help improve employee experience whether you're remote, hybrid, and even on-site.

Gain insights from your employees from around the globe.

Our new employee Net Promoter System (eNPS) tool helps companies improve employee experience and boost retention. Employers can send their employees a quick, anonymous survey from anywhere to learn how their team feels about the company's culture and leadership.
Not completely remote? You can still use our tool!

Quick Touchpoints for Fast-Paced Teams

The survey tool that includes both open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions with post-specific scoring. Based on the responses, you'll get a clear picture of where your company stands in terms of employee engagement across departments and locations.
Learn how we can help your organization with one touchpoint.

Simple Tool for your HR Tech Stack

Your HR manager won't have to learn something complex or cumbersome to install. You just set it up, start getting data, and get insights and recommendations based on the feedback from employees.
We're easier to set up than most HR tech tools. We promise.
Improve your Employee Experience

People Analytics for Modern Workplaces

Employee engagement tools have been known to create paralysis through analysis. We provide understandable and actionable insights that will help your managers make decisions.

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Gain Real-Time Insights

Our eNPS tool will allow you to gain insights about your company. You'll also have the ability to ask more questions around your company.

No Hassle, Right From Slack

If your company's using Slack, you'll be able to easily collect insights without having to ask your employees to go to an external service.

Perfect for Employee Development

Our eNPS tool goes beyond data. We'll provide tips, insights, and even research that can help you develop leaders in your departments.

Ideal for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Our mission is to create better remote workplaces. With WFHomie, you'll be able to create an optimal remote employee experience.

Case Study

How CAPCO Used WFHomie to Improve its Employee Experience

Capco, a Wipro company, is a global technology and management consultancy specializing in driving digital transformation in the financial services industry. We helped their team, led by Bissam Al-Potros, improve their employee experience throughout the pandemic.

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Based in Toronto
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Learn how to manage and engage remote teams on our blog.

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Learn Something New This Week

Improve your company's employee experience by applying what you learn from our content. With our tips and insights, you'll have world-class leadership in no time! 
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