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WFHomie’s Growth Pass is a hassle free, always-on collection of growth planning programs focused on wellness and personal and leadership development. This employee development subscription is a one-stop shop for HR Managers to invest in their employees’ future, wellbeing, and potential.
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Virtual employee growth

Inside Growth Pass

WFHomie is offering your team an all-in-one, holistic collection of leadership development and wellness solutions optimized for remote-first and hybrid companies

Benefits Employees

Access to WFHomie’s workplace wellness program and professional development activities which they can use on their own or with co-workers.  

Benefits HR Managers

Saves time, money and resources in the design and planning of their wellness & development agenda. Comprehensive solution to satisfy diverse needs.  

Helps Business Objectives

Creates a thriving work culture of well-being and continuous learning by providing opportunities for your team to interact outside of business meetings
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